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10+ Charming Backsplash Ideas For Your Next Remodeling


This the sign that you should go for that remodeling!

One thing that can really show off your personality and aesthetics in renovations is backsplashes. Backsplashes are an expanse of materials, usually mosaics, that typically fill the gaps on kitchen or bathroom walls. In this article, we will dive into backsplashes that range all budgets and styles!


Stand out in the most awesome way.

For a spa-like look or if you just feel like having a nature-inspired ambiance for your backsplash, this series is for you.

See Decagon Mosaic Series.



This is knot your typical backsplash.

This series is a popular choice amongst buyers. With its sleek design of darker borders and cream-coloured centre, Keiko will surely impress you.

Get Keiko Mosaic Series.



A trick of an eye with a classic chic feel.

Basket weave pattern resembles the stitching of a woven basket and appears to weave the tiles over and under each other. Popular in the early 1900s, this kind of style looks stunning when used with natural stones.

Check out Art Touch Mosaic Series.



Luck on the horizon.

In Chinese culture, lanterns symbolize prosperity and luck. This lantern-shaped mosaic can elevate your space with its one-of-a-kind design.

Dragon Mosaic Series can be yours today.



A marble aesthetic is always the way to go.

White and off-white coloured backsplashes make smaller spaces seem bigger, making them perfect for apartments and other small facilities. Marble has always been an indication of luxury and now you can style your walls with this beauty.

Check out Dolce Hex Series.



Linear but not typical.

This style of backsplashes is so attractive especially in spaces that are not heavily decorated. The multiple lines and colours would fill the room up beautifully.

Check out Tiffany Mosaic Series.



The one you need.

This marble mosaic has us in awe. Its rhombus main piece accented by smaller squares puts this mosaic on must-have list.

Rohumbus Mosaic Series comes in different colours to suit your style.




You’ll love all the angles of this series.

Geometric shapes have always been eye-catching when it comes to interior design. Since our minds are literally addicted to patterns, their unpredictable qualities automatically make our brain wanting more.

See Fonda Mosaic Series.



Express your traveler self with this series.

If you’re ready to revamp your space, this striking backsplash features names of popular tourist destinations like ‘Mexico’, ‘Lisbon’, ‘Dublin’ and more.

See Travel Mosaic Series.



Pops of colour for your wall.

We love how the pattern of this mosaic compliments the bricked white wall above it. If you’re looking for something minimal yet apparent, this backsplash might be the one.

Oval Mosaic Series available in more colours.



A glass to cheers to.

This extraordinary mosaic will take your interior to the next level. Made with unique chromatic colouring, this glass mosaic won’t cut your expectations short.

Shattered Mosaic Series available now.


PWF Floors & Decors is committed to providing reliable and beautiful tiles. We are dedicated to meet your vision and budget.

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How much tile do you need? Calculate Your Tile Square Footage [Super Easy How To]

PWF TILE 101 - 2021

How many tiles should I order?

If you're planning to install some tiles, with the help of a pro or not, knowing how much you need and what you'll be spending is very important. Tiles are usually sold not by pieces but by square footage. If you’re planning to install your own tiles or just calculating to budget your materials, here is the super easy way to calculate how much tile you need.
SF web

What you’ll need:

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Measuring tape
  • Calculator

First, let’s discuss the importance of knowing the square footage of the area you need tiling. Tiles come in different shapes and sizes. With that said, learning how to measure the area and calculating how much tile you need is the first step to achieving what you envision for your space.

tile SF

a = length in feet
b = width in feet

a x b = total FT2

Vendors show the approximate square foot a box of tile would cover. The number of tiles you will be purchasing will depend on the number of boxes you need to cover the area you want tiling.

Measuring an area of your house using “inches” is easier; however, you must convert them to feet.

Conversion – One thing to remember is that units should be consistent. If measuring in inches, you’ll have to divide each measurement by 12 before multiplying to get the square footage.

Formula: 12×12 inches = 144 square inches = 1 square foot
Example: 25×150 inches = 3750 square inches = 3750/144 square inches = 26 ft2

Steps For Square Footage

basic SF

Find length and width with measuring tool.

  • Set one side to be measured as “length”.
  • Place tape measure on one end of the length and extend it to the other end.
  • Record the measurement in inches.
  • Set the other side as “width”.
  • Place tape measure on one end of the length and extend it to the other end.
  • Record the measurement in inches.
  • Apply square footage formula:

Length (inches) X Width (inches) = Area (square inches)
Square inches / 144 = FT2 

For Complex Shapes

Break it down into basic shapes and set a “length” and “width” for each. Proceed to do the steps above.

AB ft2 + CD ft2 = total FT2 

After finding the square foot of each area, add it all together for the total FT2.

Calculating Waste

Calculating waste is a crucial part of ordering tiles. It’s never a bad thing to have more, especially if you’re doing it yourself. Purchasing enough to cover the area of installation and then some to keep someplace as spare is essential. For tile installer amateurs, it is best to be prepared for mistakes and mishaps here and there. Purchasing more materials than what you need is more than okay. If something unexpected happens to your tile in the future, you’ll be glad you have some replacement tiles. The recommended amount of waste purchase is 15% of your total square footage.

In conclusion, the recommended formula for ordering tile is:

Total FT2 + Waste = Amount of Tiles

And that’s it! You are now able to know how much tile you need! Online square footage calculators are available for help in multiplication and conversion.


5 Steps to Calculate How Much Tile You Need
How to Calculate Square Footage For Tile
Tile Calculation

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5 Fun DIY Room Decor Ideas For Minimalists


Cheap and easy decor DIYs for all the rooms in your home.

Your home is a place where you can be yourself; where you can get creative and let your imagination run free. Customizing rooms in your house can be a family project or a personal one to keep busy and destress. For minimalists, the less the better. Here are 5 fun DIY room decor ideas that doesn’t look like clutter!


Origami is the art of paper folding often associated with Japanese culture. Thousands of origami practices and styles can be an option for decor. Geometric shapes are a great option if you’re aiming for a focal point in a rather plain background. Cranes, planes and butterflies are also perfect options. Check out this geometric origami DIY.



by: themerrythought.com

Repurpose wooden crates in this cost-efficient DIY room decor idea! Paint it or just paint on some wood finish then put them together to turn into a useful shelf. REMEMBER to screw them together properly to avoid any accidents. You can also bolt them into the wall to avoid them from tipping over. Check out this easy DIY.



by: jennylemons.com

This awe-inspiring DIY is an absolute classic. Plant hangers are the perfect small space decor because you can hang them from the ceiling and free up shelf space for other things! Check out this plant hanger DIY.



by: Mad Art Lab

Tiktok has put this stunning and incredibly easy DIY in the spotlight. Using acrylic paint, canvas and motion, you can achieve this masterpiece in a couple of minutes. Just be sure to have the things you need for an easy clean-up beforehand! Check out this super fun fluid painting DIY.

If you’re looking for wall and floor tiles like this for your remodeling, our Fluid Series is perfect for your unique self.



at: 820 Otmetok Nravitsya 48 Kommentariev Maison Du Bonheur

Having accent walls is always a good idea. This super easy DIY home project only needs your paints of choice and painter’s tape. Unleash your creativity with this project. Start your geometric wall journey here.



by: EverythingEmilyBlog

If you want an almost-no-commitment accent wall? Try using washi tape for your walls! Create beautiful and minimalistic designs with ease. Check out washi tape wall ideas here.

There you have it! Some quick, easy and fun things to do with family, friends or just by yourself. For bathroom interior inspo, our Top 10+ Bathroom Design Ideas might be what you’re looking for!



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TOP 10+ Stunning Bathroom Design Trends 2021


It’s the start of the new decade and new bathroom design ideas.

A house is something we personalize to make it feel like home, which also applies to bathrooms. On average, a person spends 182 hours each year in bathrooms, we don’t know about you but that’s a lot of time to spend in one part of your house, so why not make it a place that screams YOU. In this article, we explore the new and upcoming bathroom ideas, and some trends that are making a comeback.


Time to show your true bold colours.

It’s always a good idea to stick with the classic. Having your favourite colour all around you can be therapeutic.

It’s never a bad idea to just go for it and start painting your walls with the colour of your choice. For bold hues, you can balance it with lighter floors and decors.

PWF Floors & Decors is committed to providing reliable and beautiful tiles. We are dedicated to meet your vision and budget.

Pictured flooring: Lux Kionia Series



You don’t need a lot of stuff to achieve luxury.

One of the hottest trends today is a minimalistic approach to designs. Functional and modern, this interior idea is great for apartments and condos that want to make their bathrooms bigger and easier to maintain.

A lighter colour palette can make a room seem bigger. There are a variety of decors that can accentuate the room to give it more style.

PWF Floors & Decors is committed to providing reliable and beautiful tiles. We are dedicated to meet your vision and budget.

Pictured is our Bahia Series.



Take your hobby of plants to a whole new… room!

Taking care of plants is a great hobby. Placing them strategically in your home can give a space some personality. Plants in bathrooms are not unheard of, they come in a range of sizes, colours and textures. You can achieve a fresh-looking environment with a variety of plants.

Note that plants that can stand and thrive in high humidity are recommended. If you don’t have a green thumb, no worries, you can always get fake plants, we won’t tell.

PWF Floors & Decors is committed to providing reliable and beautiful tiles. We are dedicated to meet your vision and budget.

Check out Akila Lux for gorgeous subtle selections.



Remind yourself of serene nature.

Having stone decors in your bathroom gives a nature-feel. There are inexpensive options nowadays, with tiles designed to look like real rocks.

It is also not hard to choose hues for your bathroom since stones go well with most colours.

PWF Floors & Decors is committed to providing reliable and beautiful tiles. We are dedicated to meet your vision and budget.

Pictured is our Decor Jazz Series. One of our stone series Elk Pebbles Series is also available for you.



Let your personality shine.

Something to really make your walls pop is to choose designs that are graphic and wild.

Go with designs that scream your personality. May it be pineapples or puppies, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Sky’s the limit!

PWF Floors & Decors is committed to providing reliable and beautiful tiles. We are dedicated to meet your vision and budget.

Pictured is our Domino Series.



More than tile, it’s art.

Something to really make your walls pop is to choose designs that are graphic and wild.

Go with designs that scream your personality. May it be pineapples or puppies, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Sky’s the limit!

PWF Floors & Decors is committed to providing reliable and beautiful tiles. We are dedicated to meet your vision and budget.

Pictured is our Fonda Mosaic Series.



Nothing more relaxing.

Wood hasn’t been the best option for bathroom decors since wood with humidity is a recipe for disaster. Luckily for us, tiles of recent times look so much like the real deal.

PWF Floors & Decors offer a variety of wood-like tiles that is more fitting in humid spaces, compared to hardwood.

PWF Floors & Decors is committed to providing reliable and beautiful tiles. We are dedicated to meet your vision and budget.

Check out this wood-like tile, Neila Series.

Photo: NeonShot/Getty Images



Paint your heart out.

For artists and painters alike, a mural in your bathroom can be your next big project. Let your imagination run wild.

Make sure to use the right paint and be confident with your work!

PWF Floors & Decors is committed to providing reliable and beautiful tiles. We are dedicated to meet your vision and budget.

See our incredible Fluid Series that’s styled in a paint-like design.



A modernized lifestyle.

Modern and chic is always a great way to go. Contemporary designs present a more luxurious approach to your powder rooms.

Pamper yourself with relaxing surroundings you splurged on!

PWF Floors & Decors is committed to providing reliable and beautiful tiles. We are dedicated to meet your vision and budget.

Pictured is Chevron Series.



Enjoy your bath, maybe sip some cocktails.

Remember that vacation by the beach? Give your washroom a tropical spin, because why not? Style and use tropical colours like green, yellow, cream, etc.

Check out our tiles series to find the perfect selection for you.

PWF Floors & Decors is committed to providing reliable and beautiful tiles. We are dedicated to meet your vision and budget.

See our tropical Camper Series.

Photo: digdigs.com



Nothing but shimmering splendidness!

Reflective tiles are a unique decor for bathrooms. They can be the accent piece to a minimalistic interior. They come in many colours and shapes, there is for sure one that will fit your taste!

Check out our Reflection Series for shiny mosaics!


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Tile Terminology

Ceramic: A fired clay material. Click here to learn more about the development of ceramic on our blog.

Double-fired or Bicottura tiles: Double-fired or Bicottura tiles are glazed ceramic tiles produced by a procedure that breaks the firing process in two phases. An initial firing of the shaped raw materials produces a hard tile body or bisque and then a re-firing of the bisque takes place once the glaze or decoration has been applied. Usually, there are two glazes on the tile, first a non-transparent glaze on the body, then a transparent glaze on the surface. Double-fired tiles have sophisticated finishes with deeper shine and sharper colors.

Dust-pressed tiles: Dust pressed tiles are formed by the dust pressed method in which the finely grinded clay and raw materials are shaped in molds at high pressure before firing. Dry-pressed tiles are consistent with regard to their overall dimension. This method is also efficient and cost effective.

Extruded tile: Extruded tiles are formed by a process in which the wet clay or plastic raw material is forced through a mold and then cut into shape before firing. These tiles are less dimensionally consistent than pressed tiles. Extruded tiles include rustic styles such as terra cotta and clinker. These tiles are often used outside or where a rustic effect is wanted. Single extruded tiles are produced in a long slab, which is then cut to shape while double-extruded tiles, also known as split tiles, are produced in a column that must be split before tiles are cut.

Finish: This is the textural or visual characteristic of a tile surface. For glazed tile this may be bright or high gloss, satin or matte. Also, for both glazed and unglazed tiles, the finish can be flashed, textured, polished, raised, embossed, dimpled, etched, scored, ribbed etc.

Glaze: When tiles are decorated with natural and artificial colors through a second firing process.

Grout: Filling powder form in premixed colors used to fill the joints between tiles.

Impervious stoneware tile: Dust-pressed ceramic tiles with water absorption levels less than 0.5% are known as impervious stoneware tiles. They also have high mechanical and chemical characteristics. Also known as Fully Vitrified Stoneware or Porcelain Stoneware, these tiles are often recommended for exterior installations.

ISO: ISO is the abbreviation of International Standards Organization, a worldwide network of the national standards institutes of 157 countries. It has also drafted international standards (ISO/TC 189 “Ceramic Tiles”) for ceramic tiles. ISO Standards are used by tile manufacturers worldwide.

Joists:  The boards in your home where the subfloor is attached.   These represent the ” frame ” of the construction.

Mosaic tile: Small tiles connected in a pattern using a mesh backing that can either be used as an accent or as a full wall or floor.

Non-rectified, or standard, tiles: These are produced so that there are slight variations in tile size.

Pattern: A design engraved in outline on the surface of the tile, or carved in relief pressed into the tile.

PEI classes or ratings: Porcelain Enamel Institute rating scale which represents the amount of foot traffic that a tile can handle.

Porcelain: a specific type of ceramic that has unique features such as a high density and durability.

Rectified tile: Goes through a manufacturing process to assure each tile is exactly the same size and shape, and therefore it is possible to lay them cleanly and carefully with very little grout.

Saltillo tile: A porous tile in a range of tones of red which, while beautiful, should not be used in rooms that have a lot of water splashing, like the bathroom or kitchen.

Single-fired/Monocottura tiles: Monocottura is an Italian word meaning “single-fired”. In this method, individual tiles are shaped, glazed and fired in one step, at the same time. These tiles are also known as Monocottura tiles. They may be glazed or unglazed. Single-fired tiles are much stronger, with better glaze adhesion.

Subfloor:  The primary layer of floor that is the base floor before any new floor is added.  In a home, the plywood on the joists is the subfloor.  In a commercial building, the cement is the subfloor.

Thin-set: The mortar used to adhere the tile to the sub-floor or under floor.   Typically made of cement, fine sand and a water retaining agent.

Underlay:  The material that can go between the final flooring surface and the subfloor.   For tiles,  the use of a cement backer board may be used as underlay to help the tile adhere properly to uneven our porous surfaces.

Understanding Tile PEI Ratings

Understanding Tile PEI Ratings

What are Tile PEI Ratings?
Known as the PEI Scale, it is the standardized scale used to determine which tiles to use according to purpose and location. The PEI number refers to the tile hardness, and these ratings are used to assist both homeowners, designers and architects in deciding upon which tile to use for various projects. The scale ranges from one to five, with five being the strongest and most durable.

Understanding the PEI Scale and Tile Hardness Ratings
Each tile rating, or class, includes recommendations for use and installation.

The ratings are as follows:

Group 0: Tiles technically unsuitable for floors as they are either very fragile of thin. These are generally used as wall tile.

Group 1 or PEI 1: Tiles suitable only for locations where indoor footwear such as slippers are worn or where hardsole shoes are not frequently used, such as residential bathroom or other areas with light traffic. Also mat be used for interior commercial and residential walls.

Group 2 or PEI II: These tiles are suited for general residential traffic. For areas that are walked on by soft soled or “normal” footwear with very small amounts of scratching dirt. Not for kitchen, entrance halls, stairs and other areas subjected to heavy traffic or hard sole footwear.

Group 3 or PEI 3: Tiles suited for all residential and light commercial areas such as offices, reception areas, boutiques, interior walls, countertops and residential bathroom floors. Not recommended for commercial entryways or foyers.

Group 4 or PEI 4: Tiles suited for regular traffic. Recommended for medium commercial and light institutional use including, restaurants, hotels, hospital lobbies and corridors.

Group 5 or PEI 5: Tiles suitable for areas with heavy traffic and can withstand abrasive dirt and moisture as well as where safety and maximum performance are required. Examples include hospitals, shopping malls, public buildings, building entrances, or swimming pools.

A Final Note
The PEI rating only refers to a tile’s strength and suitability for a particular application and should not be considered an indicator of the tile’s overall quality or value. The PEI rating should only be used for determining the ability of a tile to withstand the use and environment it will be subjected to once applied.

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