Kitchen Renovation

We know that style and function should meet in the kitchen renovation. Our priority is to remodel yours with the expertise and professionalism we’ve acquired from the 16 years we’ve been in the business. No doubt you’ll achieve your #kitchengoals.

Bathroom Renovation

Ready for that bathroom you’ve always dreamed of? Start and end your day right with the bathroom that can boost your mood and de-stress you at the end of your day.

Basement Renovation

Take advantage of the space under your feet. Basements are a great place to add more room to your house. Whether you’re looking to remodel your basement as a guest room, “man-cave” or family space, PWF can help you expand your living space.

Why Full renovation at PWF Floors & Decors?

Renovations can be daunting when you think of all the process that goes with it. Turning your house into your dream home is a goal that we can help you with. Take off the stress in remodeling your kitchen, finishing your basement, or improving your master bedroom. Contact us and turn your home vision into reality.

Entire Home Renovations

We prioritize what you want for your home, that’s why we will always run through every step in the process to the client and get approval. At the end of the day, want we want is for your house to feel like home.

Looking For A Quote?

Please don’t hesitate to call us at (780) 487-2700 or email us at to discuss your renovation needs.
We’re happy to accommodate any questions!


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