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A Complete Checklist For Remodeling Your Kitchen 2021


Everything you need for your next kitchen renovation.

Set a budget

Something you don’t get when looking at photos of those gorgeous kitchens on Pinterest is how much it is. For most people, setting a budget and sticking to it. We suggest before getting emotionally invested in that $ wine bar, know how much you want to spend first.

Decide my wants and needs, then research

Aaahh, the old wants vs. needs dilemma. Consider the household needs by thinking about each person’s lifestyle. Yes, that really fancy espresso machine would be a dream to have but is it work going over your budget (that you set for a reason). But then again, YOLO.

☐ Hire a pro

We wish remodeling a kitchen would be as easy as removing and upgrading things you want, but it’s not. Renovating usually needs drafts, building kitchen cabinets, installing tiles and permits.

☐ Map out my space

Now you have an idea of how the remodeling process work, it’s time to actually plan out your space. This step will help you get an estimate of your kitchen remodeling. From preliminary floor plans to cabinet sizes, this will serve as a guide to you or your designer.

☐ Choosing my fixtures and furnishings

And now the fun part! It’s now time to finalize the design and feel of your kitchen. When picking, consider the style you want your kitchen to look. Some examples of fixtures are faucets, sinks, kitchen island, microwaves, ovens and lighting.

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☐ Approve and finalize floor plans

Your pros will send you floor plans and designs. When you approve them and all permits are submitted, the renovation process is set to begin.

☐ Reno is a go!

You’ve been preparing for it and now it’s finally time for your kitchen remodeling!

Remodeling any room can be daunting but we sure hope this checklist can help you. Need more information? Feel free to reach out to us and our highly qualified staff will assist you!


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