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5 Of The Most Beautiful Countertop Slabs For Your Home


Porcelain slabs create a sophisticated and gorgeous design that is perfect for big home surfaces.

There’s no limit to the size of large-format porcelain tiles, but porcelain slabs take it to new heights. Slabs give you the opportunity to place unique tile designs on your wall, floors, countertops and more.



Book-matched and ready to awe you.

A stylish book-matched slab, Statuario is a large size porcelain tile that also has backlighting features. Backlit slabs are rising in popularity especially in home bar walls and classy finished basements.

Statuario is a piece based on the classic white marble used by the Romans for the most representative spaces of their buildings. With a very white background and with gray veins, perfect for all types of environments.



Edgy in all the right places.

Tattoo Slab Series is a gorgeous dark porcelain slab that suits countertops in bachelor homes.

This collection was inspired by the search for an original bare wall, concealed by coat after coat of paint, damp, wallpaper and textures. This initial Dantesque scenario is the origin of these surfaces, covered in chaotic overlapping traces of past lives.



Demands to be the centre of attention.

Agata Slabs are designed after agate formations within volcanic and metamorphic rocks. Agata countertops pull attention from everyone in the room.

A porcelain tile collection inspired by different varieties of microcrystalline quartz, with a design featuring geodes in shades of blue. A unique collection able to fit in perfectly with any design project.



The marble look is a classic.

If you want a marble feature in your home, Calacatta countertops are the way to go!

The Calacatta collection is inspired by white Carrara marble. It emulates its dazzling white background, shot with grey veins, to perfection. In this high-performance through-body porcelain tile collection, careful attention has been lent to the definition of the veins and their uniformity across the tile surface



Last but certainly not the least.

This slab series is a popular pick amongst our clients. With its unique design and versatility, Patagonia will elevate your interior design.

Patagonia is a marble-effect porcelain tile collection with eye-catching colours and veins. Its design’s different variations all combine to perfection, thanks to the careful balance of their colours.